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Dowager's Hump Neck Drain Patch

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Hold Up Your Head !No More Humps On Neck!
If  you are the one keeps looking down at phone all the time, you may know how terrible the neck pain is
The bad posture is the leading cause of Dowager’s Hump resulting in neck and shoulder pain, stiffness, and soreness.

Our Dowager's Hump Neck Drain Patch is definitely your life-saver. An ultra fast-acting and all-natural herbal solution for Instant Neck Pain Relief and Neck Hump Removal. 

Our herbal neck patch is a natural “supplement” to help strengthen the upper back muscles and increase tone, that helps pull up the shoulder and neck to the RIGHT position.The anti-inflammatory substance (natural plant extracts) of the patch effectively promotes  the blood circulation & metabolism,which promotes the eviction of waste and toxins of the body. Reduces the swelling and unblocks the clogged lymph nodes to get your health neck back! 

All-natural thermal effect provides an instant relief for neck, back, shoulder pain caused from Dowager's Hump. You will thanks for the patch that saves you from the pain! 
With the self-adhesive & ergonomic design-round corner shape, the herbal patch sticks tightly on the affected areas that you can just let the patch do its hands-free operation.

- 2-Week Treatment (12PCS x Dowager's Hump Neck Drain Patch)
- 4-Week Treatment (24PCS x Dowager's Hump Neck Drain Patch)
- 8-Week Treatment (48PCS x Dowager's Hump Neck Drain Patch)



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